This workshop is the second part and closing event of the project titled Work-Life (Im)Balance? Addressing Gender Inequality in Parental Leave: Implications, Strategies, and Directions for Further Development that we have been developing in partnership with the Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland.

It will include presentations from several keynote speakers on:

  • gender equality and parental leave in different national leave schemes – with a focus on Hungary and Iceland in comparative perspective
  • shifting gender norms and the familisation of gender in the Hungarian education curriculum
  • the greater involvement of men in the caring role and domestic work
  • the impact of emerging work cultures, such as the co-working space on work-life balance

The goal of this event is to spark a discussion around how to improve the reconciliation of work and family life for both men and women. What are the implications of the current policy and cultural landscape in Hungary – and what are the resources and strategies that would allow for a transition towards a more egalitarian model?

Please join us!

Date: 21st March 2018

Time: 10 -13

Location: Kaptár Budapest, It’s Happening event space

1065 Budapest, Révay köz 4

Babies and children are also welcome 🙂

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